What Type of Lure to Use for the Time of Season I'm Hunting?

We have Deer Lures for All Season use in the field. Our Deer Lures can be used for Early Season using our Doe Urine as a Curiosity Scent or a Cover Scent for walking into your stand location. Buck Scrape Urine with Tarsal Gland is perfect for active Scrape use and making those Mock Scrapes. The Whitetail Rut we recommend hunters  using those products that are designed for the Rut. We offer our Doe Estrus "HOT" 2 oz Bottles to use when those bucks are chasing hot does. Our Doe Estrus can be used as a combination two punch with our Buck Scrape Urine .All other lures can be used through the entire season as well as our All New Products. For States who ban the use of real deer urine products we offer synthetic scents that are just as effective as real urine.

Creating a Mock Scrape with Scent Sticks

As a hunter the proper location for the mock scrape has to be found. Start by choosing a spot with an overhead licking branch . Bucks will use this licking branch to deposit scent from their preorbital gland around there eyes as well as saliva from their mouth. If a suitable branch cannot be found,tie a branch down to the proper height and twist on a Scent Stick.Once the Scent Stick is applied to the tie down branch or licking branch, apply Buck Scrape to enhance the scrape location.  A good licking branch can often be the key to success for any mock scrape. Scrape away leaves and break the soil underneath the licking branch. Once the ground has been exposed, apply a liberal amount of Buck Scrape into the freshly broken dirt. This scent will help draw the curiosity of the local deer herd.


The next factor to consider is that of human scent. When dealing with a whitetail’s nose or any other Big Game it is of utmost importance to remain scent free. Our unique blend of our NX "NO EXCUSES" Field Spray or

NX DIRTY"with real DIRT Smell" is your go to Cover Scent Product. These products stand alone when it comes to scent detection and have been field proven.



How long will my Lure products last?

Any urine products purchased from us or any other competitor when exposed to air will start to break down.We recommend you keeping the cap tight and out of direct sunlight. We suggest you store our Lure products at room temperature as it will be fine for use the following hunting season.