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Deer have far more scent receptors than a human, and even more than most animals.

This means that a deer has about 60 times the smelling ability of a human in terms of nasal receptors alone. Yet this doesn’t even begin to touch upon the fact that deer are also better at processing the information that those receptors transmit to the brain. Once the odor particles are inhaled and dissolved into the nasal cavity, responses to the chemical action are executed by the sensory nerves to one of the two olfactory bulbs.

The olfactory bulbs then send electrical impulses to the deer’s brain stem, where the scent is classified. This is the same part of the brain that controls appetite, digestion, and emotions, which means the sense of smell is closely related to all three. Many biologists say that the olfactory center of a deer’s brain is 10,000 times more well developed than a human’s.

There is no doubt that the deer’s nose is a highly complex organ with incredible abilities. Of course, there are a number of variables that impact just how powerful a deer’s sense of smell may be. Wind, temperature and moisture are arguably the most important factors. But in the relative sense, deer are in an entirely different dimension than humans when it comes to their sense of smell. So now knowing this, it brings to mind the question of whether or not scent control and masking sprays actually work, or can the deer simply smell our human scent within the particles of the spray?

How does DB 360 work?

 “scent” as a generic term for what’s known to chemists and wildlife researchers as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Olfactory Pathway of 360

Now that we’ve defined scent in its true chemical form, let’s climb into a VOC molecule and take a ride through our product and how it will effects a whitetail’s nose. Hold on tight.

Our formula isolates odor producing molecules preventing them from forming and producing the flight and fear response in Whitetail Deer and Dominate Bucks. The DB360 Blend is developed to neutralize odor producing molecules. Use this product to spray down on your footwear before entering your stand location, and while in your stand/Groundblind location. Once on stand, spray often and conquer changing wind directions at all times. This is a Synthetic Base Scent with real Deer Smell and is Safe to spray on clothing also. The use of this product is Highly Effective by itself or with our other Cover Scents and Elimination Products. You have nothing to loose this Season with investing into a bottle of our DB360 and see what results you have been missing.